In this episode, Dr. Romie Mushtaq, a board-certified neurologist, discusses her journey from a traditional Western-style medical model to a mindfulness-based approach to stress.

Dr. Romie emphasizes the importance of her SHIFT protocol in managing stress.




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While a lot of Dr. Romie’s focus has been on workplace burnout, in this episode she talks to the chronic stress that sometimes parents (especially moms) of children with disability experience.

Tune in to learn about:

  1. The top 3 ways to address burnout and the “freeze response” in moms

  2. What the step prior to gratitude is (it’s ok to not start from gratitude)

  3. How we can redefine self care to not just survive but thrive under chronic stress.

You can take Dr. Romie’s Busy Brain Test at https://drromie.com/busy-brain-test/

Make sure to pre-order her book The Busy Brain Cure today – it will be out in Jan 2024.

You can find Dr. Romie Mushtaq at drromie.com or  www.instagram.com/drromie




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