Episode 115 with Dr. Christine Houghton is a SULFORAPHANE SPOTLIGHT EPISODE.

You will learn:

  1. Why sulforaphane is an effective gateway therapeutic molecule,
  2. How it can be used to build up gut healing in patients,
  3. Why food doesn’t work instead of supplements in this case, and
  4. What dosing looks like
  5. Why you shouldn’t just overload on broccoli

Sit back, relax and let’s jump into Sulphoraphane. In the meantime, you can find Dr. Houghton on www.cell-logic.com.au, and you can find gut health tidbits at www.functionalnutritionforkids.com/guthealth

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Disclaimer: The information in this Podcast is for educational purposes only. Vaishnavi Sarathy, Ph.D. is an educator, not a doctor, specifically not your child’s doctor. Please consult your physician before implementing any supplement or diet recommendations.