“Is it Sleep or is it ADHD? You could really ask that question a million ways … Is it Blood Sugar Balance or is it ADHD? And so on… And it is likely both.

The name of a collection of symptoms is different from the cause of the symptoms. 

In Functional Nutrition and Learning for Kids we look at the Ins and Outs of Learning and Brain Health. What comes from the inside – nutrition and gut health, and what comes from the outside – learning skills and educational strategies.

Sleep comes from both the inside and the outside, making it on of the most critical things in learning. Sleep Disorder and ADHD in Kids can have so many overlapping symptoms, per today’s guest Dr. Meghna Dassani.

And if you think your child is sleeping well, please think again. 

Dr. Dassani packs a lot of information in this podcast – you can reach her at www.meghnadassani.com


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Disclaimer:The information in this Podcast is for educational purposes only. Vaishnavi Sarathy, Ph.D. is an educator, not a doctor, specifically not your child’s doctor. Please consult your physician before implementing any supplement or diet recommendations.