“Life outcomes are poorer for kids who are not good readers” – says today’s featured guest Dr. Marnie Ginsberg. The truth of this statement is profound for neurotypical kids. Unfortunately, most kids with Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, or Autism are not even allowed to become good readers or to access material that is age appropriate. 

In episode 106 – we go into one specific area of Reading Comprehension – Cracking the Code.

Dr. Marnie Ginsberg, Founder of Reading Simplified, is a reading difficulties detective who streamlines the science and art of reading instruction so teachers can rapidly learn effective techniques that help students accelerate to grade level and beyond. She also helps translate the latest understandings from science into practical, easy-to-implement activities. You can find Dr. Ginsberg at www.readingsimplified.com

If you have concerns with Reading Comprehension for your child, I have 4 strategies in a free download for you at www.functionalnutritionforkids.com/readingtools


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