Imane uses a speech generating device – and sometimes the audio isn’t completely clear – even though Imane’s thoughts are beyond Crystal Clear. So do check out the VIDEO version of this podcast, so you can soak in Imane’s beautiful language completely. [I would have uploaded the video here, but have a data limit]

In this last episode of 2021, non-speaking Autistic poet Imane Boukaila shares her strong, beautifully framed thoughts.

Imane comes to language in a very unique way and to listen (and in our case also read) her thoughts is a deep insight and I now understand why she says “Shallow thinkers would drown in the depths of Autistic Minds” ~ Happy Listening!



Audio Transcription:


In today’s podcast you get to meet a moving nomad. She specializes in extracting the essence of true artistic nonspeaking poetry. manvel Kala in a Twitter bio Eman says that shallow thinkers would drown in the depths of artistic minds. I’m honored to bring you such a deep true and resonating mind. In the 83rd podcast of functional nutrition and learning for kids. It is the last of the year and it’s fitting that it ends with the resounding note of artistic voices in a man’s words, fracking fossilized minds, high advice, chemistry and functional nutrition consultant and science educator. I’m also mom to apply to Down Syndrome and Autism who is also nonspeaking. And if you have followed me before, you know that we’ve been through years of bodily healing through dietary modifications and gut support and mental freedom through assuming intelligence.

I present this podcast functional nutrition and learning for kids in order to bring to you the lessons that have changed my life. I’m also concurrently working on two courses that reflect this very, these very lessons. One of them is called roadmap to attention and regulation and the other is called nonlinear education. And if you want to get a sample of what they feel like, check out my free Ebook at www.functionalnutritionforkids.com/learning. The course itself releases on the 28th of January. And this is both of them because nonlinear education is actually a free bonus with when you buy roadmap to attention and regulation. You can sign up for both of them together if you like at functional nutrition for kids.com/roar. That’s R.O.A.R like the line right now coming back to today’s podcast, as you listen to a man’s words today because of their unusual depth. And also because I want to give listeners a second to pause, read and reread if possible. This podcast comes in a visual mode, where you can see the subtitles transcribed over audio onto the podcast. Today’s guest is my favorite part a man  is a 15 year old minimally speaking artistic poet whose chapbook truth OMG has just been released. She’s a mind in my mind. She is a mind breaking wordsmith. And he man I just read the short poem on Chris Martin’s website and I’m just going to read that out just three lines. I’m a moving Nomad thinker, thoroughly fracking fossil ideas extracting the essence of truth. Now want to say that every time I hear your words, I feel like someone’s breaking in open my fossilized mind. So I’m so grateful to have you here. Thank you for being here.

Hi, so nice to see treasuring being your guests. And our listeners are mostly parents of kids with autism Down syndrome or ADHD. How would you introduce yourself to them and mature sneaker searching for valuing ways to be stressed, free and enjoy mostly mastering being the best version of my artistic self. I’m a true seeker searching titrating ways to be and enjoy mostly mastering being the best version of Autistics. And I think truth seeker describes you in so many ways you man, thank you for that. Thank you for spelling that out. You know in this podcast, we’re talking about three things. We’re talking about respect, access to communication, but also diet. Now wanted to ask you before we get into diets at all, what has been the biggest agent of change in your life what has been the one thing that you feel has really changed your life? A remarkable fashion. Sampling so many therapies stressed me out nothing motions to be helpful.

Sampling so many therapies stressed me out Messy emotions to be hopeful. Dreams only became true with lower finessing hesitation. So dreams only became true with molds. Messing hesitation vilifying me instead, allow us to home and share our thoughts truly hurt but in a rival going forward with my reasons to change opinion are less believers. So vilifying means allow us to home and share our thoughts truly hurts. But I’m a rebel, going forward with my reasons to change opinionated disbelievers. in mind, I wanted to ask you about diet if you have like so this is more of a very specific question in terms Is there anything you want to share? I know that you talked about therapies being more disturbing than useful going to multiple therapies being a little disturbing if I got that right. But specifically changing diets has there. Has there been a diet that has helped you feel better? Already Is there anything you want to share about that?

Yeah, I truly think that gets helped me clear hammock disturbing the mind motions amplifying anxiety stuck on the presently preventing motivation to trough I was able to find my way out. So she said yes, I truly think the diets helped me clear have to disturbing the mind motions amplifying anxiety stuck on the presidency, preventing motivation to trust, I was able to find that was to trust that I was able to fund Thank you, man. That’s good to know. And that’s generally been something that I’ve heard from, from everybody from, from all the artistic non-speakers that I have interviewed that, that some restrictions have actually helped them be more free. A lot of times, one of the questions I was going to ask you were that do you think restrictions add to your life quality or take away? But I think you answered that well, in that, in that you talked about that died did help you clear your mind? I have a question.

If you could change one thing about your bodily comfort or bodily experience, what what would it be? What would you like to feel better in your body about? Mostly free my mind is clouded stress, and Trupti mastered imposing habits that have just mostly free my mind of plaudits stress and interrupting, mastered impulsive habits that hack trust, attack, trust. Thank you, anxiety, anxiety, and you know, just learned, like she said, learned impulsive. Because that was her way to communicate back then. Right. So now it’s just automatic. And it’s very hard to strong motor loop kind of thing.
And she does ask me, how do we, you know, how do we break habits? How how can I, you know, I said, you know, we have to learn new habits. Because once they’re myelinated, that’s it. They’re there. So we just have to learn new ones slowly.

My next question is a little bit of a loaded one. Autism is often viewed as a social or a medical model. And depending on where you stand, people feel very strongly about this one way or the other. And I’ve had some surprising insights from some of the people I’ve interviewed, that I did not expect them to answer one way or the other. What are your thoughts in viewing autism as a medical model, or as a social model?

I don’t know if she answered your question. But she said breathing, really leading minds very reshaping the potential of individual’s truth is autism is portrayed as a medical model, implying troubled brain streaming, low functioning cognition, that we have free motions, expanding our perceptions, minds novel ways of thinking.

I think she did I think that that is a clear statement against a medical model. It is yes. All right, Eman. My final question to you and thank you for being so patient with me is  do you have a message for parents, you know, entering their journey with their child with any disability? Yes, incremental motives. To heal speech is imposed mostly by herd mentality, grieving the average child. mess your ingrained doubts and trust the very uniqueness embodied by your child stress troubles treasuring streams of freedom to savor meaningful. Well said. Thank you. I think that’s a great message for parents. Thank you. Thank you, both of you. Thank you so much. Congratulations on your Chapbook Thank you.

Thank you for listening. In this podcast imagine makes a strong statement. Truth is autism is portrayed as a medical model implying trouble brains. Strain In low functioning cognition, but we have three motions expanding our perceptions, trusting minds novel ways of thinking. You can find more speakers and non-speakers different voices and toolkits at functional nutrition for kids.com. And with that profound statement of demand against the medical model of autism, I wish you a very, very happy holiday season. See you next year signing off. I’m your host Weisz and I hope you have a wonderful new year. Talk to you soon.