Octavia Walker leads us through the murky world of self- and society- imposed expectations on moms of children with disabilities. Moms of children with disabilities rely on her first hand experience and strategic solutions to learn how to become the best advocate for their child, develop a strong support team, and live out their own heartfelt dreams and purpose. Octavia offers a VIP Day called the “YOU” Roadmap. She helps build a roadmap that focuses on your strengths so you can have the confidence and peace of mind to take care of your family and yourself by building a life that you truly deserve and desire. Visit www.gettingbyisnotenough.com/vip-day to book a FREE 30 minute strategy session to get started.

In this podcast, expect to hear terms like self-care smashed to smithereens (I hope you are as tired of being asked to self-care as I am)… Expect to be held accountable and have hard insights ….

Happy listening!