OCD can be debilitating for children, frustrating and many times more so for kids with expressive difficulties, non-speaking for example.

Autism and OCD expert Dr. Elisa Song talks to us about very accessible means of tackling OCD step by step. Always find a Functional Medicine Doctor to help you with any supplements.

2:10 The first things that Dr. Song addresses: GUT , NEUROTRANSMITTERS, FOODS IMPACTING GUT AND BRAIN.

5:45 Could this be PANS or PANDAS

8:30 Diagnostic testing

10:00 Anti-inflammatory Supplements

11:00 Inflammation

13:05 Is Diet the first step for all?

14:40 Targeted supplements for OCD

15:50 How long does healing take?

16:30 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

19:20 Flares and Remissions

23:00 The 5R approach of Functional Medicine

24:45 Fight or Flight Response and Vagal Tone

26:15 What parents can do right away for OCD?