Dr. Cilla Whatcott, a Homeopathic Practitioner, leads us through the principles behind homeopathy, and explains the concept of Homeoprophylaxis.

She describes the use of Homeopathy in preventing both infectious disease and in quelling chronic inflammatory conditions.

She also shares her favorite simple Homeopathic Remedies to always keep on hand.

You can find Dr. Whatcott at https://cillawhatcott.com/
Also more detail about the information she refers to can be found here: https://realimmunity.org/
To find a homeopathic practitioner visit www.homeopathicdirectory.com



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Hey there, you’re listening to functional nutrition and learning for kids and I am your host, Mike, and the chemist, educator and nutrition practitioner, obsessed with finding nutrition and learning pathways for a full life for kids. The website to find this podcast is WWW dot functional nutrition for kids.com. And you can navigate to the podcast menu from there.

Today on this podcast, we’re exploring homeopathy for the first time. But before that, I want to share with you that we’re two days away from June’s Breakfast Challenge. This is free and there is still time to enroll at Tiny url.com That’s tiny url.com forward slash practice challenge 2020 20 Okay, so let me say that once more tiny url.com forward slash Breakfast Challenge 2020.

Sound nutrition starts literally with breakfast. And even if you’ve done this challenge before, this is a great time to re explore and learn the new information being included. Now, let’s dive in. Today’s guest on functional nutrition for kids is Scylla watcom. And Scylla is a board certified classical homeopath with a BA from Arizona State University, a diploma from the four year professional program at Northwestern Academy of homeopathy. And she also has a PhD in homeopathy. She’s an instructor at the Normandale Community College and she’s been that for eight years. She’s also the author of there’s a choice homeo prophylaxis, and she’s the co author of the book The Solution homeo prophylaxis. Scylla is the proud recipient of the 2016 Public Service Award from the Weston A price foundation for her work. She is the executive director of real immunity and the website is www dot real immunity.org.

This is an organization training medically licensed providers to administer homeo prophylaxis, which is a safe and effective method to exercise the immune system. She’s been a guest lecturer in London, France, Scotland, Ireland, Indonesia, the US and Canada. And she’s organized and directed international conferences, about homeo prophylaxis with leading researchers from around the world. She’s the mother of two children adopted from Russia, Taiwan and China and one biological child. And her deepest desire is to see families everywhere heal and thrive.

Welcome Dr. Woodcock, I’m so happy to have you here. Thank you for coming. Thank you. If I shall, I’m happy to be here and pleased that you invited me. Thank you. Yeah. And we have never covered homeopathy in this podcast before. So could you give us a general overview of what is the role and impact of homeopathy in modern disease? Sure, homeopathy is a full system of medicine. It’s about 200 years old. It’s completely natural. And it’s based on three main principles.

The first principle is like treats like and this was discovered when Hippocrates would see a child fall down with seizures would give that child a plant called hyoscyamus, which causes seizures, and it would either cure the child or kill the child because it was too strong. Years later, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann came along and realized that it was a matter of dilution. So he would dilute these natural materials, plants, animal products, or minerals, so much that there were no original molecules in the substance, and then they would have only a curative effect and could do no harm. So that’s the law of like treating like, the other of the three laws for homeopathy is, totality of symptoms, meaning we, the body expresses itself with symptoms.

We need to see those symptoms throughout the mental, emotional and physical part of the being. So on case taking is done through talking, getting history, looking at likes, dislikes dispositions, what kind of pain where’s the pain, when did the pain start, what your relationships are like we spend a good hour and a half, two hours just talking with the client to understand how certain themes run through the entire case. And that composes comprises the in the totality of the case. And the third law is minimum dose, meaning we want to use the smallest possible dose to cure and that’s done by diluting these substances. It’s done in certified homeopathic pharmacies, and then using that substance, either in liquid or on a pellet to introduce to the individual and then the individual’s own immune system affects the cure. So we’re not manipulating anything physiologically.

We’re saying introducing an energetic medicine with NO molecules to the individual. And then their system knows how to affect the cure. Got it that as I’m still stuck on number two, which you said was the totality of symptoms. So what I’m taking from that is that two people could have the same disease or disorder and they would have, they might probably will have completely different remedies administered to them, correct? That’s exactly true. Yes. That’s that’s the amazing part about homeopathy, because it’s so individualized, it really addresses the unique client.

I feel like I have to share a very quick story with you before I ask you to the next question on my mind. But this is, as you know, homeopathy is very big in India, and it’s very big in from where my husband comes from, which is West Bengal. And almost everybody goes to homeopathy doctor for everything, but the understanding of what homeopathy does isn’t. So it’s pretty much thought of as as allopathy like, appeal for nail. That’s interesting. Yeah. Well, you know, Indian homeopaths are highly respected because they have wonderful training. They have good clinical skills. And we have a lot to learn from the Indian homeopaths.

They also support something within their medical system called homeo prophylaxis, which has been the focus of a lot of my study over the last dozen years. And in India, they actually pass out homeo prophylaxis as for diseases, publicly free to the public. Oh, I didn’t know that. Okay, that’s interesting. Can you can you talk a little bit about what that is and what that means? Sure. So homeo prophylaxis is the use of a homeopathic remedy prior to encountering disease. And the purpose is to familiarize the individual with the frequency of the disease, because it’s energetic, prior to meeting the disease in public. And thus, they can either repel the disease or mount an appropriate immune response. It’s been used for 200 years, India endorses it, as I mentioned, Cuba has done a number of interventions with millions of people, for tropical diseases that have been very successful.

And I have a lot of these studies available to the public in a free knowledge vault. And that knowledge vault can be found on family homeopathy, care.com, click on courses I believe, and then there’ll be a free knowledge vault, you just have to sign up and you can download any of these, these studies. But homeo prophylaxis was also tested in Australia in a 15 year intervention with about 3000 children for common childhood diseases. So the the individuals in the study either had homeo prophylaxis or they had nothing or they had vaccines. So they had three cohorts. And what they found is that the segment with hp, had very robust long term health outcomes. They had fewer cases of eczema, Allergy, Asthma, the atopic illnesses, and they were even healthier than those children who did nothing at all, which was surprising but accountable to the fact that they were receiving all the benefits of these diseases through the frequency yet, none of the risks whatsoever. That’s very interesting. Is it widely used in the US. It’s becoming more used in the US.

I’ve personally been promoting it for the last dozen years. So I’ve written two books, and also done three films in my homeopathic practice. I recognize that parents had become distrustful of their own instincts with their children, and they were relying on someone outside of themselves to tell them what to do with the health of their children. And this was disturbing to me simply because I grew up in a time when mothers instincts were were accurate and for different colds or flus. Mothers kept their children home and nursed them and had a little more confidence. So I decided to produce in direct first one film which turned into a series of films, and they’re called the real immunity series.

The first one is quest for real immunity, and it interviews, immunologists, medical doctors naturopaths patient ants, all different individuals about what is real immunity? What are we blessed with? At birth? That’s our real immunity and how do we nurture that? How do we get over fear? Because many parents experience fear when their children are sick? And how do we access our intuition in raising our family. So those three, three topics are really addressed in the first video, the second one is called passage to real immunity. And it really focus on focuses on homeo prophylaxis. So I interview a doctor from India, who tells us all about the interventions there and how homeo prophylaxis is used.

I interviewed doctors from Europe, I interviewed Dr. Golden from Australia, who’s the world’s leading authority, who’s done the most research with homeo prophylaxis. And then I interview parents who are using it and enjoying it. So that second film really gives a good bird’s eye view of homeo prophylaxis. And then the third film is called choosing real immunity. And it’s about the role that our consciousness plays and our thoughts and our minds play in our immunity. So I’ve interviewed a lot of the leaders in the consciousness field like jock Dr. Joe Dispenza. And it’s takes a different a different tack in terms of how we address our immunity. So through those films, through the books, through the conferences that I’ve held and invited, mostly Indian doctors and send us doctors, I’m trying to really familiarize the American public with homeo prophylaxis, and I currently have just under 3000 children who are in the program thriving parents love it. And we’re word is getting out more and more wonderful that can be access these. So did you say these are unreal immunity dog? Yes, they’re the films are there.

The books are there and the programs for how many prophylaxis everything is there? Okay, fantastic. So yes, it is definitely startlingly different how the the culture of homeopathy in India versus the culture here. In fact, I remember when we were visiting with my son who has multiple disabilities, and we were visiting India a few years ago, and he had he was having a severe health condition, it was actually easier to access a homeopath at that point, just because we are surrounded by homeopathy just in terms of physical access.

There’s so much more available in India. It’s great. Yeah, that’s, that’s wonderful. And there, there’s actually Are you familiar with the Bannerjee? clinic? I’m not. The Bannerjee clinic is world world renowned because they’ve done studies with the MD Anderson Cancer Center in in Texas. So they have some wonderful data on homeopathic treatment for cancers. Yeah, they’re, they’re an amazing clinic, they probably see 1000 patients a day. So homeo prophylaxis is for you know, you’re talking about disease prevention. How does? Does homeopathy also work with chronic inflammatory conditions? Yes, absolutely.

I’ll give you an example. My own children who are adopted from Russia, China, Taiwan, they came with many issues, physical issues. So I brought my son with asthma to a pediatrician. And nothing was working. And finally she said, you should try homeopathy. There’s some good studies with asthma and homeopathy sent me to a homeopath. You were not a homeopath at the time? No, I didn’t know anything about homeopathy.

I had to go to the library to get a book and find out what it was. So I took my son and within six months, his asthma was gone. Interesting. Yeah. So then I took my son who had migraines, gone. And then I took my daughter who had kidney reflux, I thought surely this gentle method cannot work on kidney reflux. It’s that’s could be anatomical, and you know, a variety of things contributing to it. So she was given her first remedy. And she started to have another kidney infection shortly after that called the homeopath who prescribed a different remedy. She never had another kidney infection. After that, she she was fine. So two remedies and she was totally fine.

I was completely sold. And now this is when I started checking into schools. And then in my late 40s, delved into four years of homeopathic school and another four years of post grad school with homeopathy and I’ve never looked back amazing. One question has always been on my mind is that a lot of times in the alternative world when we’re dealing with or in the functional world, we’re often have to combine, combine ways lifestyle, remedies, nutritional remedies.

Do you find that in homeopathy, you still have to work on diet you still To go gluten free and dairy free, or do you find that you can achieve success, regardless of diet? Actually, you’re, you’re accurate that you, you want to see all those, quote, obstacles to cure out of the way. So if somebody has a sound diet, a stable home life, good relationships, we see homeopathy working much better than if somebody is challenged with a lot of things that are compromising their natural immunity. Okay, that’s, um, I was wondering about that.

I’ve heard a little bit of conflicting information. But that’s really good to know that that one, right, yeah, definitely you want to, you have a much better chance of things working well. And then, you know, there are so many complementary methods. Somebody’s doing homeopathy who’s got a good diet, and maybe seeing a chiropractor or doing cranial sacral work or any other number of natural methods, they’re all supportive, they all support each other. So I think there’s no magic bullet when we’re treating our children, we would like to find that. But it’s a matter of developing your own toolkit and putting the things in that work for your child. And that’s going to be individualized for each person. Well said, yes.

Well, Doctor, did you How can people how can people reach you and have anything else to share about your practice? So going through real immunity.org is possible to reach out through the Contact tab, you can make appointments, I have two other classical homeopaths that are they’re taking new clients.

There’s also a free 15 minute appointment. If you just like to meet me and see if we’re a good fit. I typically like to meet people I don’t, I don’t have all my offerings on the site, because I prefer meeting people to see if it’s a good fit before they make the commitment. So I would recommend the 15 Minute free appointment.
They can see the films, they can see the trailers to each of the films on that site. And there’s lots of blogs, lots of articles. So it’s a deep dive going into the site. And they can learn a lot that way.

The one question I also asked all of my guests is that they have any action items or anything to share with the families that they can do by themselves. Sure, I can give you some a homeopathic remedy to have on hand that a lot of people find it’s the perfect gateway into homeopathy. And that’s Arnica Montana. So you can find Arnica at your co op your health food store. And it’ll usually have numbers after it. So it’ll say Arnica Montana 30 C, and they’re made by boron, usually the ones that are in the stores and a blue tube. And Arnica is great for any kind of bumps or bruises. I’ve used it when children hit their heads and have a goose egg. When people have minor surgeries and their healing afterwards, it speeds healing reduces scarring.

I’ve used it for headache sometimes used it for even blood clots to break up blood clots. But most common is bumps and bruises which kids are getting frequently. So carry some in your purse habit at home. And you can just give a dose and watch as it works very quickly. And you know, you need one dose two doses. And what it relieves is the pain is that correct? It can relieve the pain and the inflammation and bruising.

I remember I don’t remember ever been a time when we didn’t have Arnica at home. So from when I can remember since birth, I feel like we knew nothing about homeopathy. But there was always Arnica at home. Right, right. Yeah, a lot of parents have it and love it. So that would be the other thing that’s great to have on hand is eight plus eight plus mulika is actually bee venom. And I’ve used it if you’re stung by a bee, it can relieve the inflammation.

The pain almost instantly. I had a man who was mowing the lawn hit a bee’s nest, stung multiple times, was swelling up. His wife called me I said given the APS every 15 minutes, it went right down within half an hour. He was totally fine. So a plus is also great to have on hand. I’ve seen it in anaphylactic shock cases where children eat something they’re allergic to and their face starts to swell give a dose of a plus. And it can bring down that swelling because remedies are not only for one application, they’re usually for a symptom picture. So when you see red painful in flamed swollen, whether it’s from a bee sting or a food allergy or anything a pus can be helpful. So that’s the other one I’d say, you know, go with Arnica and aqueous.

Let that be your introduction. And then from there, you can look for a classical homeopath. There’s a website called homeopathic directory.com. And it’s a listing of all the homeopaths are nationally certified. They have letter cch after their name. And they’ve undergone stringent education and testing. So you can see if there’s one in your area, you can click on your state. And many, many homemade TAS work remotely. So it’s not a problem to find someone who’s not near you, and work with them as well. But I just urge people to find someone who’s fully qualified.

There’s lot you can learn at home by reading and picking up the low potency remedies. But for deep chronic issues, you need a professional homeopath. Well, thank you Dr. Woodcock, thank you for being here. This is amazing information. I’ll make sure to link I’m still working on building a podcast page for every podcast I have a few done and I’m working on that should be done by this week. And I will make sure that on the page where this podcast comes out we have links where people can find you links to family homeopathy, care.com and also for the free resources that you’re giving out and also to the homeopathic directory.com It sounds great. Thanks. Bye. Take care. Bye byeso I thought homeo prophylaxis sounds like a very unexplored but super interesting process.

Remember, we now have a podcast page, you can either go to functional nutrition for kids.com and navigate to the podcast menu, or you can directly go to projects was there.com. Forward slash 2020. Forward slash 34. This is podcast number 34. Now if you’ve used homeopathy while and if you’re from India, I bet you have please comment on this pitch. I want to know what worked for your kid especially if you’ve used this for chronic inflammatory conditions. Signing off. I’m Vaishnavi Sarathy and today’s music is by Dr. Mikey bush. Bye See you next week.


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