Micronutrients and ADHD symptoms – focus, attention and regulation

The role of Micronutrients in helping symptoms of ADHD is significant but often missed! Micronutrients can help picky eating, digestion, focus, attention and so much more.

Here’s a short dive into the many ways micronutrients can help you child, and when they may not work. In conventional nutrition, we often talk about MACRO nutrients: which are fats, carbs and protein. But there is so much more nuance to our diet.

As you navigate and take notes from this podcast, I would encourage you to check out the Linus Pauling Micronutrient Information Center maintained by Oregon State University for some detailed information on each of these different vitamins and minerals.

Micronutrients are involved in formation and balance of neurotrasmitters. Zinc deficiency specifically can cause increased risk of excito-toxicity, and is correlated with low focus and hyperactivity – classic ADHD symptoms.

Several studies has proven the efficacy of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) in the improvement of focus, attention and improved eating. MICRONUTRIENTS HELP. So if you aren’t taking them, it might be time to consider looking into taking a supplement or getting sufficient from food. Check with your PCP.

In functional nutrition, we aren’t just talking about what you eat. We are talking about what your body and biochemistry can do with what you eat. Micronutrient deficiency might be a key player in focus, etc. but simply dosing micronutrients is not enough. Are you absorbing these micronutrients. What is the health of your child’s gut. Can they absorb these nutrients? All it takes is an inflamed gut and low stomach acid to not be able to absorb nutrients despite consuming supplements.

It would be remiss of me to miss functional super foods that can often help enormously while you are still working on your child’s gut. Case in point Functional Mushrooms (you HAVE to listen to this podcast about functional mushrooms)!

To summarize, we have to simultaneously prioritize nutrient rich food, phytonutrients, and a healthy gut in order to be able to absorb these nutrients. But there’s more, so listen on …


Micronutrients and their role in focus, regulation and attention